Every Saturday of March

A Saturday evening dedicated to the local food and wine culture, combining the characteristic taste of local wines with the flavours of tradition revisited in a contemporary key, in a tasting menu created by the creative touch of the chef Massimo Santoro. Dishes that are renewed by offering what the Masseria’s harvest has to offer, respecting the natural rhythms of the earth, are expertly paired with local wines produced with passion and dedication in the local cellars. To complete the food and wine experience, there is a characteristic background of popular music. A perfect way to enjoy pleasant moments of conviviality in the typical atmosphere of an Apulian masseria. 

Price: 70€ adults, 35€ kids (from 3 to 12 years old). Beverage included.

Info & reservations: [email protected] – T +39 0831 342595


Every Sunday of March*

*Easter excluded

A gastronomic experience based on innovative combinations with a menu that reinterprets local flavours and ingredients in a modern way. Taste and conviviality combined to create a moment of pleasant serenity among the stalls and accompanying music, ideal for enjoing the warmth of spring in the typical atmosphere of the Apulian masseria. 

Info & reservations: [email protected] – T +39 0831 342595  – +39 342 6547633


Sunday March 31

Apulian Easter tradition meets culinary innovation in a journey from the land to the table, starting with growing and selecting the raw materials and ending with the creation of the dishes. In the cozy atmosphere of the Le Carrube Restaurant, a menu pays homage to the fruits of the Apulian land, coming directly from the Masseria’s vegetable gardens and local soils. An experience to rediscover the pleasure of eating with loved ones, enjoying the genuine flavours of agricultural cuisine. 


Info & reservations: [email protected] – T +39 0831 342595  – +39 342 6547633


Sunday March 31

Info & reservations: [email protected] – T +39 0831 342595  – +39 342 6547633


Monday April 1

The traditional melodies and pleasant chatter typical of the holiday create the ideal atmosphere for a family-friendly Easter Monday brunch. Vibrant stalls offer local flavours in a light and informal atmosphere, while children can discover the fun and colourful side of Easter in Puglia with typical wooden instruments, creative workshops, and many activities inspired by the circus world. A moment of celebration and conviviality is framed by the bright walls of Le Carrube Restaurant, where tradition and fun blend harmoniously to create the perfect atmosphere for lasting memories with loved ones.

Info & reservations: [email protected] – T +39 0831 342595  – +39 342 6547633